The crisis of local journalism in the V4 countries and the specific role of municipal newspapers in

The project is focusing on local media, availability of information on local affairs, The influence of local media on democracy, the objectivity and balance in local media and the gradual disappearance of regional media.

We understand the availability of unbiased media crucial for shaping freedom of opinion and the independent media as a core stones of democracy. We witness biased local newspapers and disappearance of a number of objective regional media which threatens the existence of democracy.


In each V4 country we can find specific causes and consequences of the crisis of local journalism, each partner has a specific view on the appropriate solution. However, the objective decline of local media, their viability, political independence and the deterioration of transparency of media ownership is common in all V4 countries. According to a 2020 survey by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom, all V4 countries have political independence of media, market pluralism (assessed in terms of transparency of media ownership, viability of media, commercial and ownership influence on editorial content) and access to media for regional communities in high or medium risk areas.

The aim of the project is to share concrete experiences and lessons learned, discuss practical steps for improvement and share best practice examples. Launching a common debate on the decline of local media and the overall crisis of regional journalism, connecting individual journalists and raising awareness among the general public will lead to the selection of the most appropriate tools to improve the current situation, benefiting the citizens of all V4 countries. T