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About Oživení

We are striving to reduce the occurrence of corruption, conflict of interest, clientelism and other forms of abuse of public power for private gain. We provide victims of corruption with a comprehensive range of services including legal counselling. We also reveal and publicise individual cases of corruption, cooperate with criminal investigation authorities, carry out studies, analyses and anti-corruption audits, and propose and lobby for systemic anti-corruption measures.

We endeavour to increase the transparency of decision-making processes and financial management at public institutions in the Czech Republic, as well as the personal liability of public officials, and thereby to boost the active participation of citizens. Our main areas of interest include the right to information, public procurement and management of public property. Last but not least, we are involved in spreading anti-corruption know-how and educating and networking anti-corruption and civic activists.

Our activities and goals:

  • increasing the transparency of public administration
  • enforcing personal liability of public officials
  • watching over management of public property
  • pushing for systemic changes through analysis of corruption risks and creating anti-corruption strategies at the level of public administration
  • watchdog activities and publicising corruption scandals
  • spreading anti-corruption know-how and networking anti-corruption activists

Civic association Oživení is a non-profit non-governmental organization. We promote the principles of transparent public administration and sustainable development.

Oživení was founded in 1997 and have dedicated its activities to promoting Sustainable transport. While experiencing a great disinterest of public authorities to implement the proposed traffic measures or other environmentally friendly arrangements, together with the non-transparent decision-making processes in line with conflict of interests of public officials as well as clientelism and non-transparent lobbying, we have extended our activities in Corruption-less Programme to deal with unthrifty management of entrusted powers and resources and to promote civic involvement in public affairs.