Czech NGO Oživení (Revival)

Oživení is a non-profit non-governmental organization founded in 1997 in the Czech Republic. The main areas of interest include right to know and right to participate, whistleblowing, management of public property and local newspapers. Oživení has a long term experiences with providing analysis and public advocacy in the field of right to know, impartial public media supporting equal political competition, legal counselling.




The aim of the non- profit organization Oživení is to promote the principles of accountability and transparency in public administration, the development of civil society, democracy and the rule of law, and to support the active participation of citizens in the administration of public affairs.  Oživení is a part of Whistleblowing International Network. In 2021, we published the interview with Suelette Dreyfus, Executive Director of Blueprint for Free Speech „Whistleblowing is an emerging human right.“

It was within the scope of the E.A.T. (Expanding Anonymous Tipping) project that the Czech NGO Oživení, together with eight other partner organizations working across 11 different EU countries, got involved in the project. The E.A.T. project helps to widely expand anonymous tipping technology deployment, operation and trustworthiness to combat corruption in Eastern and Southern Europe.

Oživení fights corruption in all its forms and at all levels of the public and private sectors. The team of lawyers and analysts advise municipalities and individual citizens alike. They monitor both local corrupt practices and ones affecting the society as a whole.
Oživení regularly organizes workshops, provides free legal counsel, takes an active role in making our cities more liveable and helps anyone who cares about the state of our country and the way authorities of this country treat its citizens.

Oživení has supported NGOs initiative to adopt an adequate legislation for protection of whistleblowers on EU level and is a member of the Governmental Working Committee for whistleblowing.




For more information or if you are someone who has a concern and wants advice on whistleblowing please contact us.

Oživení, z.s.

Muchova 13, 160 00 Praha 6
tel: +420 608 732 091